Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Reflections....

One of the best parts was getting to know my colleagues better by reading their blogs, discovering common interests in cooking, art, and traveling, etc. I was struck by the creativity and professionalism I saw on some of the blogs posted by HEB librarians; I was also humbled by it. I discovered that you can learn a great deal from reading blogs. You Tube was another great surprise--I knew very, very little about it and had only seen a few of its films/photos. It is quite a mixed bag of modern culture.

If I were to offer a suggestion for improvement, I would allow a bit more time for participants to complete the program. It was tough to get everything finished by the due date, since some lessons were multi-faceted and took additional time. Also, perhaps a follow up class could be designed which would build on the 23 Things, but give us additional practice and make every assignment library-related.

Yes, I would definitely choose to participate again. I got a great deal out of the experience.

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  1. I'm afraid if we offered more than 4 months to complete the program, folks would forget about it!!!

    As for a followup, never is already in the works!!!

    Thanks for taking the HEB23 journey and hopefully, you found something you can take forward and use in the library and on the campus!